Rainbow Six - Tom Clancy

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By Tom Clancy
Tom Clancy is an author of many worldwide bestsellers. He focuses on secret government or military operations, world and political crisis and terrorism. He’s been well-known since 1984, when his first book came out. It was The Hunt for Red October (it was used as a scenario for a movie with Sean Connery). Also this book was used as a pattern for computer game called “Rainbow 6”.

While on a plane en-route to England, Clark, Chavez, and Alistair Stanley (former SAS operative and second in command of Rainbow after Clark) foil an attempted take-over of the plane by Basque separatists. Immediately after the plane lands, the three have to leave before the media arrive, so as to avoid losing the secrecy with which the operation was set up.
Rainbow is immediately thrown into several counter-terrorist missions in quick succession, though fortunately after several months in which to train and develop as a cohesive unit. Shortly after arriving in England, they are again called upon to combat terrorists. A bank in Bern, Switzerland has been taken over by would-be robbers lead by wanted terrorist Ernst Model. They have taken hostages and already executed one of them. A Rainbow team is deployed to the scene, and after a short standoff, is able to successfully breach the bank and kill the terrorists with no further loss of hostage lives.
Shortly after this incident, Rainbow is again deployed, this time to Austria, where two wanted German terrorists, husband and wife duo Hans Fürchtner and Petra Dortmund, had attempted to kidnap wealthy businessman Erwin Ostermann. While en route to a helicopter to make their getaway, the Rainbow teams are able to ambush and kill them.

In a third incident, in Spain, terrorists take over an amusement park (Port Aventura) and demand the release of Carlos the Jackal. Rainbow is again deployed. In an attempt to force the terrorists to surrender, John Clark orders the power to be cut. In retaliation, the terrorists execute a hostage — a terminally ill Dutch girl.

The surprising pace of terrorist incidents leads Clark to be suspicious; also, the terrorists involved in each incident are typically older, inactive terrorists not seen in many years. Later, Clark discovers that an ex-KGB agent, Dmitriy Popov, has been investigating Rainbow.

The cause of the sudden outbreak of terrorism is radical eco-terrorists, who are coincidentally owners of a large and successful biotechnology firm. They engineer a modified version of the Ebola virus, codenamed "Shiva"; they also engineer a vaccine for themselves. Their plan is to infect the world, killing everyone but their selected few, who will rebuild the world in a scientifically and environmentally friendly way. They've hired the ex-KGB agent investigating Rainbow, named Popov, and instructed him to contract the terrorist incidents Rainbow has so adroitly handled, to increase awareness of terrorism in order to get a security contract for the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

Later, Popov contracts members of the IRA to ambush Rainbow on their home territory, to remove them from the equation of their impending attack. The ambush is successful, crippling Rainbow, leaving the way open for the deployment of Shiva at the Olympics.

As a reward, Popov is taken into the eco-terrorists' project, and when he learns of their plans, contacts John Clark directly to stop the plan. Fortunately, Ding Chavez and a few other members of Rainbow are onsite at the Sydney Olympics as security consultants, and are in place to stop the person who was going to infect the stadium's cooling system.
Having failed to destroy civilization with their plague, the eco-terrorists retreat to their refuge in the Brazilian rainforest, which they planned to do anyway, hoping to negotiate a deal to return to the U.S. in a few years. Rainbow, under John Clark's leadership, deploys to the rainforest, first killing the terrorists' tiny armed force, then stripping them naked and burning the facility to the ground, leaving them without any of humanity's inventions to help them attempt to survive in the jungle of the rainforest; however, their prognosis is bleak, as Chavez wryly points out that even with all his equipment and training, he himself would have a tough time surviving in such an environment.
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