The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

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This book was written by J.R.R. Tolkien. He is the most famous fantasy author ever. He is well-known for his fantasy series called The Lord of the Rings. This series has 3 parts, 3 books. First is The Fellowship of the Ring, second is The Two Towers and the last is The Return of the King. Hobbit was a fairy-tale for kids, but when he start to write about The Lord of the Rings he put it to the beginning as a first book of the serie.

Main hero of this book is hobbit called Bilbo Baggins. Hobbits are small humanoids, very hairy and ugly. Much smaller than humans. He is sitting one day on a chair in front of his house when his old friend Gandalf comes to visit. Bilbo is very surprised to see him, because Gandalf is a big traveler. Gandalf wants to hire him as a thief for a great adventure. Bilbo refuses but the next day he is visited by 13 dwarves. They are very mean and they rush into his home uninvited. Gandalf will also come later. They use his home as a meeting place, where they prepare for the adventure to kill a big dragon Smaug who destroyed dwarves’ city eons ago. Dwarves know a secret way into his lair and they have a key from these secret doors.

The next morning they are ready to start the journey but Bilbo is getting up late and he almost misses the take off. Party is traveling through the Misty Mountains where they are almost eaten by orcs, through the deep forests where they are almost eaten by trolls and through the wild where they are almost eaten by wolves. The party also goes to Rivendell, it’s a secret groove, home of the elves and their master Elrond. When they are later captured by orcs and taken into their lair deep below the mountains Bilbo escapes and find a magical ring, property of strange creature The Gollum. Gollum catches him and want the ring back but Bilbo will win it in a riddle contest.

He will meet the rest of the party who were also able to escape from the orcs. They continue through the deep forest full of spiders towards the dragon’s lair. They are captured again, this time by the group of dark elves who want to kill them. With the Bilbo’s ring help they are able to escape. The ring makes it’s owner invisible when he’s wearing it on the finger. Bilbo hides dwarves into barrels and push them into a river who flows towards the Esgaroth, a city on a big lake that is near the mountain in which is the dragon’s lair. Few days later they arrive into a city and they are released from the barrels. People of Esgaroth are very kind and they help them to reequip their party with weapons, tools and food for the journey into the dragon’s lair.

They spent a lot of time in Esgaroth but they can’t wait to continue their quest. One day they finally leave the city and going towards the lonely mountain. They found a ruined city on the way, devastated land, the dragon’s territory. Bilbo, with is ring of invisibility is used as a spy in this part. He will find out that dragon is sleeping on a big treasure in a big cavern in the mountain. They find the secret entrance, use the key and they get into the dragon’s lair. Bilbo steals part of a treasure, a big golden vase but he awakens the dragon. Smaug thinks that people from Esgaroth did it and he wants to destroy their city. He is flying above it, breathes fire and scaring people. But one man, an archer, called Bard shots him down. Dragon falls into the lake and dies. Few days later a lot of people and creatures come because everyone wants part of dragon’s treasure. The most dangerous is the army of orcs but the coalition of men and dwarves is able to defeat them and everyone live happily ever after.

It’s a nice story. Without it you can’t understand the whole Lord of the Rings series. The book is a little childish but I like it.
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