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Vzor motivačného listu v angličtine

Ing Mária Novotná, Novohradská 1, 040 01 Košice, tel: 0900 123 456

Bratislava, 6th September 2010

Mgr. Meno Priezvisko
Ulica 18
815 48 Bratislava

Dear Mrs. XXX,

I am writing in connection with work position ‘Marketing specialist’ published on SuperBrigady.sk on 4th September 2010.

I am interested in the job because of its complexity and wide range of activities in marketing.

I have devoted several years to this area and I would like to continue in this direction also in the future.

I got to know marketing from various sides – from customer‘s as well as from agency’s point of view – and this helped me gain more complex view of how things work in the business. Currently I work mainly in the area of POS, direct mailing, employees‘ motivation and relationships maintenance with partners, suppliers or public.

My work life experience from different jobs helped me understand things better from various points of view. Now I can use it by working with complex activities within marketing campaign. Advertising agency provided me with broader view of the business, international company helped me improve my coordination, organisation and communication skills. I could compare working in well- established company with company entering Slovak market, and all of these helped me formulate better view of the business and its functioning.

I would like to use my experience and knowledge at company and job offering complex view of the whole issue. I do not like staying at one point without any growth, I am result-oriented and motivated by recognition. I perceive continuous development very important which resulted in my distant postrgraduate study. This supports my practical experience. I value my international experience from studying abroad which taught me think more open and flexible as a result of perceiving different cultural backround and ways of thinking.

By working at the offered position I would use above mentioned experience from different areas, organisation and communication skills. I work with loyalty program now where interpersonal relations are highly valued, using English on daily basis and have very good level of German as well.I can offer responsible and hard-working attitutde to work and look for self-realization. I decided to change employer mainly because of the company offices which are quiet remote from my home addres.

I will be glad to answer any further questions at personal interview. Thank you very much for your consideration in advance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Mária Novotná 

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